• WS7 Building Door Industrial Control Waterproof Micro Switch

WS7 Building Door Industrial Control Waterproof Micro Switch

Model: WS7

1.Provide with a variety of wires
2.Simple and reliable product structure, dustproof and waterproof 

WS7 waterproof micro switch is a long-life IP67 micro switch for building door and window control devices. It has reliable sealing performance, dustproof and waterproof, and can be used in harsh environments. In addition, it can be equipped with various wires for easy installation and use. Whether indoors or outdoors, WS7 waterproof micro switch can operate stably and ensure the normal operation of the device.                                                                                                                                             
Item Value
Environment temperature -40-+85°C
Relative humidity 95%,40°C
Ratings 10(4)A 250VAC μ,10GPA 125/250VAC μ,
 4A 30VDC 1/2hp 250VAC μ
Operating force ≤ 2N
Operating speed 0.1mm-1m/s (no lever)
Operating Frequency Mechanical 60 cycles/min; electrical 25 cycles/min
Insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ (500VDC)
Contact resistance Terminal type ≤ 50mΩ
wire type ≤ 100mΩ
(Test voltage) Between terminals of the same polarity AC1000V , 50/60Hz , 1min
(Test voltage) Between current-carrying metal parts and ground(case),
and between each terminal and non-current-carrying metal parts
AC1500V , 50/60Hz , 1min
Vibration resistance 10-55Hz , 1.5mm double amplitude
Shock resistance  Endurance:1000m/S(approx 100G)max
Wrong action:300m/S(approx 30G)max
Electric shock proof protection grade I class
Degrees of protection provided by enclosure IEC IP67
Life Mechanical≥1,000,000 cycles
Electrical≥10,000 cycles                                                                        

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