• WS1L Waterproof Micro Switch 5A125VAC 4A30VAC
  • WS1L Waterproof Micro Switch 5A125VAC 4A30VAC
  • WS1L Waterproof Micro Switch 5A125VAC 4A30VAC

WS1L Waterproof Micro Switch 5A125VAC 4A30VAC

Model: WS1L

WS1L Waterproof switch series
Characteristics and usage
To be stably sealed by sealed rubber ring and epoxy resin.
Can be used in wet or dusty places.
A variety of contact terminals,provide with a variety of wires.
A variety of levers.
Can be used inenvironmental resistant requirements application,outdoor equipments such as automobile,vending machine, refrigerator,ice machine,bath equipment,water heater and air-conditioner etc.

Actuator forms
No lever
Short lever
Long lever
Middle lever
Short Roller lever Actuator
Long Roller lever forms
Arc Lever
Not standard lever

WS1L Waterproof Micro Switch
WS1L Waterproof Micro Switch 5A125VAC

off Road Vehicle Equipment Waterproof Micro Switch Model Ws1L Company Brand Dongnan

Manufactured with precision technology and waterproof to IP67, WS1L waterproof micro switch ensures excellent protection against water and dust without the fear of water damage affecting the switch's function.The switch is not only waterproof, but also durable and resistant to high temperatures. With its robust construction, it has a long service life and is a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

Q1: Do you have stock?
Normally we don't have stock, we produce to order.

Q2: What's the warranty time?
1 yaer.
Item Value
Operating speed 0.1mm~1m/s (no lever)                                                                         
Operating frequency Mechanical 60 cycles/min; electrical 25cycles/min
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(500VDC)
Contact resistance Terminal type ≤ 50mΩ
Wire type ≤ 100mΩ
(Test voltage) Between terminals of the same polarity AC1000V , 50/60Hz , 1min
(Test voltage) Between current-carrying metal parts and Ground(case),
and between each terminal and non-current-carrying  metal  parts.
AC1500V , 50/60Hz , 1min
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz , 1.5mm Double  amplitude
Shock resistance Endurance : 1000m/s2(approx. 100G) max
Wrong action : 300m/s2 (approx. 30G) max
Electric shock proof protection grade I class
Case protection degree IEC IP67 (Besides terminal part of terminal  type )
Life Mechanical ≥ 1,000,000 cycles
Electrical ≥ 50,000 cycles
Safety approvals UL ,CUL ,ENEC ,DEMKO

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