• SP02 Plunger Power Gating Control Switch for Electronic Oven

SP02 Plunger Power Gating Control Switch for Electronic Oven

Model: SP02

1. Push plunger power switch,, tight configuration,convenient to mount
2.Contact reliable, long operating life

The SP02 gating control switch is a push button switch with compact construction, easy installation, reliable contact and long life. The switch is mainly used for the door control function of electric ovens. Its compact design not only saves space, but also makes installation quick and easy.
In addition, the contact reliability of the SP02 gating control is one of its advantages. It is manufactured from high-quality materials, ensuring stable and reliable contact over long periods of use. Furthermore, the switch's long-life design guarantees long-lasting durability for the long use of the electric oven.
Item Value
Environment temperature 0~200ºC
Relative humidity 95%,40ºC
Rated current 2A
Rated voltage
Operating travel/total travel 1.5mm/1.5mm
Opetrating force 5±1.5N
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(500VDC)
Contact resistance ≤30MΩ
(Test voltage) Terminal-terminal AC1000v 
(Test voltage) Terminal-case AC1500V 
Eletrical life 100000/cycles
Weight Approx.15g
Safety approvals UL , CUL                                     

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