• SP02 Electric oven door gate switch

SP02 Electric oven door gate switch

Model: SP02

Characteristics and usage
Push plunger power switch,tight configuration Mounting convenience
Contact reliable,long operating life
Can be Used gating switch in electronic oven and other similar equipments

Comapny profile

With the goal of "making southeast electronics a global priority in the microswitch industry", Dongnan Electronic Co., Ltd. has continuously strengthened its R & D team, designed and developed by itself. At present, the company has obtained 34 utility model patents and the annual production capacity is more than 300 million switches.The company has advanced standardized production equipment; High precision manufacturing and processing equipment; German mold manufacturing and design capabilities; Professional testing laboratory; Close cooperation team. 
Item                                                   Value
Environment temperature 0~200ºC
Relative humidity 90% , 40ºC
Rated current 2A
Rated voltage AC125V/250V
Operating travel/total travel 1.5mm/15mm
Operating force  5±1.5N
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(DC500V)
Contact resistance ≤30mΩ
(Test voltage)  Terminal-terminal AC1000V
(Test voltage)  Terminal-case AC1500V
Electrical life 100,000 cycles
Weight Approx . 15g
Safety approvals UL , CUL

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