• PRS1 Air switch assembly
  • PRS1 Air switch assembly

PRS1 Air switch assembly

Model: PRS1

Characteristics and usage
Compact and reliable structure,easy installation.
A variety of structures
A Variety of current degrees
A variety of action pressure
Used in dishwashers and other home appliances and similar equipment




Dongnan PRS1 Series Adjustable Pressure Switch Used to Dishwashaer Air Switch Assembly

At present, the base of the dishwasher is provided with an overflow protection device, which is used to send an alarm when detecting the water leakage of the dishwasher.

Most overflow protection devices generally include a chassis cover, a buoy, a buoy cover and a micro switch.Wherein, the buoy cover is arranged on the chassis cover and has an inner cavity, and the buoy is movably arranged in the inner cavity and can be raised and lowered with the rise and fall of the water level.The dishwasher micro switch is set on the buoy cover. When the water level rises, the buoy rises and pushes the micro switch, and then the information feedback is carried out through the micro switch to achieve the purpose of alarm. When the water is full to the warning line, start the water pump device.
However, the micro switch is arranged on the buoy cover, and the dishwasher generates vibration during transportation or use, so that the position of the buoy cover changes and the position of the micro switch changes. As a result, the relative position between the micro switch and the buoy changes, which reduces the detection accuracy, and may cause false overflow, that is, the dishwasher does not overflow abnormally, but the dishwasher sends out an overflow alarm.
Item Value
Environment temperature 0ºC~85ºC
Relative humidity 95% , 40ºC
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ; Afer testing ≥50MΩ (500VDC)
Contact resistance ≤50mΩ : Afer testing ≤200mΩ
(Test voltage) Between terminals of the same polarity AC600V , 50/60Hz , 1min
(Test voltage) Between current-carrying metal parts , and ground(case) ,
and between each terminal and non-current-carrying metal parts
AC1800V , 50/60Hz , 1min
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz , 1.5mm  double amplitude
Electric shock proof protection grade class
Sealability Apply 0.15MPa  water pressure , 
keep 5min , no leakage  anywhere.
Flammability class 750ºC/2s
Electrical life ≥20,000 cycles
Safety approvals UL , CUL , TUV , CE

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