• MS9 Short Lever Straight Lever Micro Switch

MS9 Short Lever Straight Lever Micro Switch

Model: MS9

MS9 micro switch has IEC IP40 case protection degree and is a professional basic micro switch specialising in home appliances.

Terminal dimensions

Mounting hole dimension

Circuit illustration

Internal configuration drawing
MS9 Short Lever Straight Lever Micro Switch
The MS9 micro switch is commonly found in power tools, toys, alarms, and other applications. It boasts stable and reliable contact that maintains the best price micro switch's on-off state during operation. One unique feature of this china electronic micro switch is its equal distance between the switch terminals. What benefits does this offer? It helps prevent frequent on/off contact during vibration, ensuring a more consistent performance. Additionally, the custom micro switch cover construction provides excellent dust resistance, further enhancing its durability.
Item Value
Environment temperature -40~+125ºC
Operating speed 30mm-600mm/s(No lever)
Operating Frequency   Mechanical 60 cycle/min; Electrical 25 cycles/min
Insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ(500VDC)
Contact resistance ≤50mΩ
(Test voltage) Between terminals of the same polarity AC1000V,50/60Hz,1min
(Test voltage) Between current-carrying metal parts and ground (case),and between each terminal and non-cueeent-carrying metal parts.              AC1500V,50/60Hz,1min
Vibration resistance 10-55Hz,1.5mm Double amplitude
Shock resistance endurance:1000m/s2(approx.100G)max
Wrong action:300m/s2(30 G approx.30G)max
Degree protection provided by enclosure IEC IP40
Electrical life ≥10,000cycles or≥50,000cycles
Mechanical life ≥1000.000cycles

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