• MS7 Small Home Appliance Micro Switch

MS7 Small Home Appliance Micro Switch

Model: MS7

1.Contact stability,Mini-type,easy to disassemble, strong anti-seismic ability.
2.It can be used in home appliances and other fields

Internal configuration drawing

Terminal dimensions

Dimensions and operating characteristics

MS7 Micro Switch for Dustproof Device Control in Floor Air Conditioner
The purpose of the micro switch-controlled floor air conditioner dust protection device is to protect the radiator and internal parts of the air conditioner, preventing dust and other debris from entering the air conditioning unit and affecting the normal operation of the air conditioner. Floor air conditioners usually have the radiator set on one side of the unit, and the micro switch is used to control the start and stop of the dust protection device. When the air conditioner is working, the dust prevention device will automatically start, forming a protective barrier to block dust and debris in the air from entering the unit; when the air conditioner stops working, the dust prevention device will automatically stop, making it easy to clean and maintain the air conditioner. Through the control of the micro switch, the floor air conditioner dustproof device can effectively extend the service life of the air conditioner, improve the performance and effect of the air conditioner, and also reduce the frequency of maintenance and cleaning, bringing users a better experience.
ltem Value
Degree of temperature 25T85
Operating position 4.3±0.4 mm
Operating force 0.39±0.25N(40±25gf)
Insulation resistance 10OMΩ (50OVDC)
Contact resistance ≤200mΩ
Test voltage AC250V
Life Electrical ≥30,000 cycles

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