• KXZ2 household appliance rotary switch
  • KXZ2 household appliance rotary switch

KXZ2 household appliance rotary switch

Model: KXZ2

1,Various gears and various shifting rotation angles.
2,Automatic resettable
3,Used in home appliances , such as Blender .

Dimensions drawing

Internal configuration drawing

KXZ2 Juicer Multi-Gear Point Shift Gear Rotary Switch Manufacturers Wholesale

Company profile 
DONGNAN Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1987, with rich experience in making micro switch. The company has obtained 34 utility model patents and the annual production capacity is more than 300 million switches. The implementation of strict quality control means, constantly improve the quality of products, to provide customers with competitive products and satisfactory service, quality service awareness to every employee.

Item Value
Environment temperature -25~+105ºC
Relative humidity 95% , 40ºC
Rated current/voltage 8GPA 125VAC , 6(3)A250VAC
Rotary angle  45°/place ; 36°/place ; 30°/place
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(DC500V)
Contact resistance ≤50mΩ
(Test voltage)  Terminal-terminal AC1500V
(Test voltage)  Terminal-case AC1500V
Electrical life 10,000 cycles
Weight Approx . 11.5g
Safety approvals UL , CUL , ENEC , DEMKO , CQC

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