• Garbage Disposer ANQ1 Pneumatic Button Switch

Garbage Disposer ANQ1 Pneumatic Button Switch

Model: ANQ1

The pneumatic button switch is commonly associated with garbage disposer.
Its stable structure and easy assembly can provide more safety for the use of garbage disposer. 

Garbage Disposer ANQ1 Pneumatic Button Switch
The ANQ1 pneumatic button switch is a switch commonly found on garbage disposers and can be used to control the start and stop of the garbage disposer. The  switch does not require direct contact with the power supply, but is controlled by an air pressure signal. More secure than traditional push button switches. It is usually installed next to the kitchen sink and can conveniently control the operation of the garbage disposal. 
Model number legend and meanings
ANQ1-□ □ □ - □ ( □ )
           1  2  3   4   5
1.Material code of outer cover H---Brass
B---Stainless steel
2.Case thread code 32---M32×2
3.Case color code W---White
4.Does the tail have the code air pipe ○---No trachea
□---Length of trachea(mm)
5.Additional code                                                                                          There are differences with the standard specifications, shows as 01, 02...

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