What is a waterproof micro switch?

What is a waterproof micro switch?

Waterproof micro switch, as the name suggests, is a micro switch with a certain waterproof function, which can be applied to water heaters, water dispensers, generators and other machinery, and many diving equipment also have the shadow of waterproof switches.


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We have passed IATF 16949 automotive industry quality management system, QC080000 hazardous substance process management certificate, and obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

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DONGNAN Electronics provides you with professional product solutions, which can be customized according to drawings, and provide customers with satisfactory micro switches and waterproof switch products.

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We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing switches We mainly produce micro switches, waterproof micro switches, push-button power switches, door control switches, rotary switches, voltage selector switches, etc..

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DONGNAN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD established in 1987, with more than 30 years manufacturing experience in making switches. Mainly produce micro switches, water proof micro switches, power switches, gate control switches, rotary switches, voltage-selected switches etc. We are a national-level new and high-tech  switch manufacturing enterprise that has R&D, producing, marketing and after-sales service, and our switches are widely used in whole China and oversea countries.

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Waterproof Micro Switch Company

Many diving equipment, together with the requirements for waterproof switches is very high, the choice will be from the size, weight, shape, material and other aspects of consideration. With the advancement of science and technology, the upgrading of instruments and equipment, waterproof micro switches are also constantly updating technology and materials, and when choosing, we must also polish our eyes and choose carefully.

WS9 New Waterproof Micro Switch

WS9 is a new type of waterproof micro switch developed by our company. There are two types (Snap type and Wire type). Small size, dustproof, waterproof, with sliding contact mute structure. It is mainly used for automobile side door locks, boot locks, bonnet locks and so on. Its contact force does not depend on operation travel. It is waidlu used in car side door and rear door.

WS10 Waterproof Switch

The new WS10 waterproof switch is a switch that is both waterproof and dustproof. Its small size and compactness make it ideal for use in equipment such as cars. The WS10 waterproof switch maintains stable performance both in harsh weather conditions and in dusty environments. WS10 waterproof switch with riveted and soldering square contact structure, able to withstand higher current DC loads.

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In the waterproof microswitch type, compared with semiconductor switches with waterproof microswitch characteristics, the function of the switch is achieved by means of a mechanical switch with contacts.

Micro switch is a kind of real pressure touch fast switch, also known as sensitive switch, its working principle is the external mechanical force through the transmission element to act on the action reed, and the energy accumulated to the critical point, after the instantaneous action, is the action of the yellow end of the moving contact and the fixed contact quickly connected, or disconnect the gas water heater, the micro switch is to control the start of the mechanical controller control ignition, when the water pressure reaches a certain time, the grinding disc inside will open the micro switch water heater ignition through the top of the transmission shaft, if the micro switch fails, The machine will not be able to ignite.

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