What is an electronic micro switch?

What is an electronic micro switch?

A contact structure with a tiny contact interval and a fast-acting mechanism, which switches with a specified stroke and a specified force, is covered with a housing, and has a drive rod on its outside. (hereinafter referred to as the switch) has contacts: In the type of switch, compared with semiconductor switches with switching characteristics, the function of the switch is realized by a mechanical switch with contacts.

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Quality Control

Quality Control

We have passed IATF 16949 automotive industry quality management system, QC080000 hazardous substance process management certificate, and obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

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Customer Support

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Professional Service

DONGNAN Electronics provides you with professional product solutions, which can be customized according to drawings, and provide customers with satisfactory micro switches and waterproof switch products.

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Production Experiences

We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing switches We mainly produce micro switches, waterproof micro switches, push-button power switches, door control switches, rotary switches, voltage selector switches, etc..

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DONGNAN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD established in 1987, with more than 30 years manufacturing experience in making switches. Mainly produce micro switches, water proof micro switches, power switches, gate control switches, rotary switches, voltage-selected switches etc. We are a national-level new and high-tech  switch manufacturing enterprise that has R&D, producing, marketing and after-sales service, and our switches are widely used in whole China and oversea countries.

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Understanding Electronic Micro Switches

An electronic micro switch, also known as a snap-action switch, is a highly sensitive switch that operates when a minimal amount of force is applied to its actuator. These switches are designed to provide an immediate and definitive change in state when activated, ensuring precise control in various systems. The compact size and durable construction of electronic micro switches make them ideal for applications where space is limited and reliability is paramount.

Advancements and Future Prospects

As technology continues to advance, electronic micro switches are also evolving to meet the increasing demands of modern systems. Manufacturers are incorporating wireless and IoT capabilities into micro switches, enabling remote monitoring and control. The integration of advanced materials and nanotechnology is improving the sensitivity, reliability, and durability of these switches. With ongoing research and development, electronic micro switches are expected to play a vital role in the future of precision control systems.

Durability and Environmental Considerations:

Electronic micro switches are designed to operate in challenging environments. They are engineered to withstand various temperature ranges, ensuring their functionality in extreme heat or cold conditions. Many micro switches also have ingress protection ratings, making them resistant to dust, water, and other contaminants. These rugged features make electronic micro switches suitable for demanding applications in industries such as aerospace, marine, and industrial manufacturing.

Reliability of micros witches

How many electrical and mechanical operating lifes do you need to understand for an application? Different switches have different contact materials, housings and terminals to meet the electrical and mechanical life requirements of different applications.

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The power-on and reset keys on the chassis are both micro switches. The left and right mouse buttons are all micro-motion buttons; the optical drive eject buttons are also micro-motion buttons.

The nudge switch is not in place, please reconnect it to the expected position. Continuity testing; If the micro switch is in the expected position, the above continuity test is performed by attaching a voltmeter to it.

GB/T19001-2008,  ISO45001:2004,  BSOHSAS18001:2007, QC080000 , IATF 16949.

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We mainly produce micro switches, but also waterproof switches, power switches, push button switches, rocker switches, etc.

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