why do micro switch fail?

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon where the water heater will not turn on and the gear position cannot be displayed on the car dashboard? Generally speaking, the micro switch has failed. When the above situation occurs, the first thought should be to choose professional personnel for maintenance. However,repairing micro switches is not a difficult task. This article will teach you how to tell if a micro switch is faulty.

How to check for faults?
Step one: Checking
If there is a problem with the circuit, first check if the electronic components are damaged, and then check if the power supply is normal. If everything is in order the micro switch may be faulty.

Step Two: Separating the cover
The cover of the micro switch is made of plastic, and the internal structure can be observed more clearly when the cover is removed. How to disassemble the cover? It depends on the type of micro switch, and some are secured with two clips.

Step Three: Checking the Inside Components
Before checking the internal components, photographs are required. Some people may wonder why photographs are needed.The photo is taken so that we can remember the initial structural state of the micro switch. In the process of disassembling the switch structure, there may be a phenomenon where the structure cannot be restored. The photo will allow us to restore the switch according to the picture.

There are many reasons why the micro switch cannot operate such as poor contact, dissolved contacts, etc. Therefore,we need to check whether each component is normal. Is there any dust on the switch contacts and copper sheets? Excessive dust can cause poor contact, so we only need to clean the dust inside the switch. If the contacts are melted or other parts are damaged, the micro switch should be replaced to ensure that the device can operate normally.

Step Four: Assemble the Switch
After cleaning the internal structure of the micro switch, assemble it according to the original way of the micro switch.

Through the above steps, it can be seen that repairing is not difficult . However the best way to repair is to choose professional maintenance.

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