What is the working principle of the micro switch?

There are many types of micro switches, including a variety of boom forms; they have important application value in the fields of home appliances, office equipment, and power tools.
What is the working principle of the micro switch?
The first is to complete the disconnection or connection through micro-motion and force. When there is touch or sound in the outside world, the built-in mechanical force of the micro switch can be activated, and then the force is transmitted through its internal parts, so that the movable contact and the fixed electric shock are quickly disconnected or connected. Therefore, based on this concept, the sensitivity of the micro switch is also constantly improving.
Second, when the force acting on the microswitch is reduced, the corresponding reaction force is also reduced. At this time, it is easier to complete some reaction actions, so as to precisely control the micro switch. Therefore, compared with traditional switches, the advantages of micro switches are all-round, which is why many manufacturers of electronic products and equipment choose to use micro switches.

Third, when the micro switch is running, the distance is very short, so it runs with high accuracy. In the future, the standard in this area will be higher. Only in this way can the quality of the micro-switch be continuously improved to better serve the domestic manufacturing equipment.

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