What are the micro switch applications?

  When it comes to the application of micro switches,there are too many;first of all,we DONGNAN summarized seven fields,but there are also some fields that we have not covered;including household appliances,electronic equipment,automation equipment,Communication equipment,automotive electronics,instrumentation,power tools and other fields;

  Speaking of the micro switch,it has beautiful appearance and compact structure;it is equipped with various boom forms,and has the characteristics of small contact gap,fast action,high sensitivity and small action stroke.
What are the micro switch applications?
  So what kind of problems will you encounter when buying a micro switch?

  What do you generally need to know before purchasing a micro switch?The first is the current and voltage of the micro switch,whether the switch is normally open or normally closed,and what is the size of the micro switch?How to install?Are features such as water or dust resistance and high temperature resistance required,and what role do they play in the product used?Obviously,the switch parameters of different series are generally different.

  Micro switch is an electrical and electrical product with compact structure,long life and small size.It is used in household appliances,electronic equipment,automation equipment,communication equipment,automotive electronics,instrumentation,power tools and other fields.,There are also some commercial equipment used,including beverage vending machines,food vending machines,integrated vending machines,cosmetics vending machines,etc.!

  KW3A micro switch application

  How to use micro switches in vending machines?

  In response to the vending machine,when the product is sent out,one product will be sent out every time it rotates;that is to say,each gear box uses a micro switch;then what are the micro switches used in the vending machine?To control the delivery of goods from the vending machine,one product will be delivered every time it rotates.Each gear box uses a micro switch.For example,our company's DONGNAN micro switches have KW3A series and KW4A series.You can choose the two series of products.choose;

  What else does the micro switch application include?

  For example:car electric doors and windows,car electric trunk door locks,car turn signals,car charging piles,new energy electric vehicle charging ports or DC charging sockets,truck headlight control modules,vending machines,intelligent sweeping robots,electric hot water faucets,Electric forklifts,gas stoves,dishwashers,fully automatic AC voltage stabilizers,arcade joysticks,tubular motors,pushrod motors,and more.

  KW3A micro switch series basic micro switch current is 10A,16A,20A,25A,switching voltage is 48VDC or 125/250VAC,and the contact forms include conversion type,normally open type,normally closed type,etc.!

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