The Common Problems and Solutions of Micro Switches

You may have experienced a switch suddenly break or not function properly, there are many reasons for the switch to appear above. This article mainly reveals some common problems and solutions that may affect the micro switch.

1. Poor contact
During the use of the micro switch, if the switch cannot be turned on or off the circuit normally, it needs to be pressed multiple times to realize the opening and closing of the circuit. To a large extent, it is caused by poor contact of the switch, such as contact oxidation or wear. When this happens, we should clean or replace the contact point in time, it may be due to poor contact caused by too much dust.

2. Short life
Due to the increasing demand for micro switches in various fields, switches of different degrees of quality have appeared on the market. Some manufacturers choose low-priced micro switches in order to save costs. This leads to a higher damage rate of the switch, requiring frequent replacement of the micro switch. Low priced micro switches are often compromised in quality. Therefore, choosing a high-quality micro switch is the best choice when purchasing a micro switch.

3.Wearing out
Depreciation is a problem with every switch. We must be clear that the service life of each micro switch is limited. Beyond a certain point in time, the switching becomes less and less efficient. At this time, it is necessary to replace the micro switch with a new one to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

4. Contact burning and adhesion
Overloaded voltage and current, high ambient temperature and humidity, and line faults will all cause contact burnout and adhesion. If the contact is burned seriously, the switch needs to be replaced. Usually pay attention to check the circuit and clean the micro switch in time. Switches of waterproof and high temperature resistant type can be used.

5. Mechanical structure failure
One of the common mechanical structural failures of micro switches when the switch fails. When there is a problem with the mechanical structure of the micro switch, it may cause problems such as poor contact and damage to the contacts.  Therefore, when using the micro switch, care should be taken to keep the mechanical structure of the switch clean and dry, to avoid being impacted or squeezed by external forces, so as not to cause mechanical structure failure, and it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the normal use of the micro switch.


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