The basic structural design of Micro Switch

The Micro Switch is a contact mechanism with a small contact interval and a snap-action mechanism, and a contact mechanism that performs the switching action with a specified stroke and a specified force. It is covered with a casing and has a drive rod outside. So what is the basic structural design of Micro Switch? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:
  • The realization of single pole double throw function
  • Switch reed
  • Switch contact
  • Pedestal

The realization of single pole double throw function
In the structural design of the moving reed Micro Switch, the reed is designed as two claws, with a raised middle. After precise calculation and comprehensive consideration of various aspects, it can be in good contact with the upper and lower static contact pieces under normal and braking conditions, respectively. Get in touch with. In material selection, high-quality beryllium bronze materials are selected. During processing, high-precision continuous punching is used for forming, and then elastic treatment is performed in a vacuum heat treatment furnace to meet the requirements of spring elasticity and strength. Secondly, the support point is selected on the guidepost, combined with the design of the Micro Switch moving reed, to ensure the realization of the action characteristics and the positive pressure of the contact.

Switch reed
The moving reed of the Micro Switch is the key part of the switch. Whether its performance is superior or not directly affects the electrical and mechanical properties of the switch. The contacts have good electrical conductivity according to the electrical performance requirements of the product.
The first is the choice of materials. The moving reed of Micro Switch is an elastic part, which is under the action of bending stress or repeated transformation stress for a long time, and bears a certain current at the same time. In the long-term working process, if the stress is relaxed, the contact pressure between the contacts will be reduced, resulting in poor contact. Therefore, the material of the moving reed must have good elasticity, electrical conductivity, and mechanical fatigue strength. In the design of Micro Switch, according to the product structure and performance requirements, beryllium bronze QBe material with high elasticity, good toughness, and excellent electrical conductivity was selected.

Second, the size control of the Micro Switch switch reed. To ensure the reliability of the switch, the size of the reeds of key parts must ensure accuracy and consistency. During processing, high-precision continuous punching is adopted to ensure the accuracy and consistency of dimensions.
Third, is the Micro Switch heat-treatment process. After heat treatment, the elasticity, strength, and hardness of the parts can be improved. After the Micro Switch moving reed is punched by a high-precision continuous punch, it is elastically treated in a vacuum heat treatment furnace to meet the requirements of strength and elasticity and ensure the performance index of 10,000 times of life.

Switch contact
Because the Micro Switch has to bear a certain load and is easy to generate heat, it is necessary to choose a metal material with good electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity. Silver has the best electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. However, sterling silver has a low melting point, low hardness, poor mechanical wear resistance, and its resistivity increases linearly with the increase of temperature, and its resistance to fusion welding and arc erosion under the action of arc is weak. To overcome the shortcomings of pure silver, other substances are added to improve the hardness, melting point, and arc resistance of the material. Micro Switch contacts are silver-nickel alloy. Silver-nickel alloy is a widely used environmentally friendly material. Micro Switch has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity and has high ablation resistance, which is more suitable for controlling resistive loads.

The base of the Micro Switch, that is, the insulating part, is injection-molded, and the material is an arc-resistant thermosetting plastic.

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