Micro switches used in auto parts

With the accelerated development of automobiles and new energy vehicles, our micro switches are used in auto parts and obtained the IATF 16949 automotive industry quality management system certificate in 2019;

What types of micro switches and waterproof switches are used in automobiles?

Model: KW4A(S) suitable for vanity mirror

Model: WS1, WS2 for car seats

Model: KW10 Suitable for cosmetic mirror Suitable for central control, seat belt, ETC, cosmetic mirror, etc.

The central control system, in the driving car, the electric steering system uses the micro switch as part of its engineering, the car headlight control: the micro switch on the headlight control panel is used to control the intensity and the direction of the headlight.

The application of the micro switch on the car vanity mirror: when the cover of the vanity mirror is opened, the micro switch is triggered and the mirror light is on; when the cover of the vanity mirror is closed, the micro switch is disconnected and the mirror light is off.

The application of normally closed micro switch in automobile seat belts: In the natural state, the micro switch is in the closed state. When the passenger in the front row does not wear the seat belt, the micro switch is in the closed state. After the car is started, the circuit is connected, and the seat belt sound and warning light are triggered to remind the passenger to fasten the seat belt.

Model: WS3 suitable for trunk lock

Tailgate (trunk) switch, the microswitch is part of the switch mechanism of the rear door latch system.

Model: WS8, WS6 waterproof micro switch for car door

Car door lock switch, car door lock micro switch usually refers to the micro switch installed on the car door, which is used to sense or detect whether the door, child lock, and central control are locked. The micro switch of the car door lock is actually a detection switch. The door lock is actually a mechanical lock, and our micro switch is an electronic switch used to detect whether the door lock is locked.

Model: MS6 for light control

Model: KW4A for start-stop system

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