Mechanical life of 2 million microswitches

Brief introduction of small micro switch 
Micro switch is a small and sensitive switch, a switch that can be activated with light force, a switch that hides the inside of electrical appliances, very common in home appliances and office equipment, mainly used in office equipment, household appliances , medical, machinery, automotive electronics and other fields!

Micro switch normally open normally closed
The normally closed type is pressed to open, and the normally open type is pressed to close. Generally, the three-legged type is a conversion type. The specific use of normally open and normally closed depends on the wiring you need.

The mechanical life of the micro switch is 2 million times
Micro switches are very common in the field of home appliances and office equipment, usually low price and long service life, which means that the micro switch can operate for a long time, sometimes up to more than 2 million mechanical cycles.

KW3A Micro switch
Safe,reliable basic switch
Nice appearance,tight configuration.Characteristic:small contact clearance, quick action,high sensitivity and small operating travel.
Long life,high reliability
A variety of contact terminals
Wide range of operating force
A variety of temperature degree
A variety of levers
Adopt thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic
Widely used in home appliance,electronic equipment,automatic machine,communication equipment,car electron,apparatus and instrument, electric motion tool etc.
Direct current large gap switch can be provided.
KW3A Micro switch
Q1.Expect micro switch, do you have other switch?
We mainly produce micro switches, but also waterproof switches, power switches, push button switches, rocker switches, etc.
Q2.Can you customize micro switch?
Yes, we can customize micro switch for you. 

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