Dongnan// Laundry Machine Micro Switch

Dongnan Electronics provides you with various types of micro switches, waterproof switches, rotary switches and push button switches. Products are widely used in household appliances, auto parts, medical equipment, power tools, voltage appliances, office equipment and other fields. Today we will introduce to you the switch used on the laundry machine.

KW3A KW4A MS1 can be used to check the opening and closing status of the laundry machine door.

KW3A MS10 WS5 can be used to check water valve.

KW3A can also control drum rectify deviation, and WS1 WS4 is used to control detergent input.

PRS1 can be used for the level sensor of the washing machine, and KA2 is the safety switch of the washing machine. Of course, different washing machine micro switches have different application scenarios. For example, WS4 KW3A can also be used to control the power supply when opening the top cover.

Whether our micro switches are used in the daily use of household appliances or in harsh industrial environments, the product performance is always stable, and we can also provide you with customized micro switch solutions to meet your specific needs.

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