Dongnan Electronics // The 4th Work-break Exercise Competition and Fun Games

Happy running, competitive passion, May Dongnan Electronics carried out the fourth Work-break Exercises and Fun Games! Enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees, promote health, and let employees work actively with more enthusiasm for work and a good attitude! Departments are widely carried out, carefully organized, enthusiastically participate in the game, tried their best, and fought for honor. With dreams in mind, climbing to the top, showing personal style and creating a brilliant team! Let's take a look at the exciting images of the fourth Work-break Exercise and Fun Games!

01 Work-break Exercises
The fourth Work-break Exercise competition has been successfully concluded. The competition not only strengthened the teamwork ability among employees, but also promoted the corporate culture. It is worth mentioning that the first workshop of business department won the championship in this competition. Let's cheer for them together!

02 Tug-of-War
The tug-of-war competition is not only about strength, but also cooperation and skill. During the competition, the participating players from all departments worked hard, full of rhythmic shouts and cheers. All the contestants on the field were high-spirited and showed us the meaning of unity with their sweat and passion.

03 Fun Activities
Fun development, let employees relax through different activities.

04 Table Tennis Competition
During the competition, the contestants sweated and showed their strength and demeanor, which made the audience excited.

05 Basketball Match
A basketball, a jersey, the blood boils all the way. Passionate, indomitable, passionate all the way. A fierce contest is ushered in the basketball court! The wind cheers for you, the cloud cheers for you, determination, persistence, endurance and hope, gather little by little in the blue-green stadium!

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