Dongnan Electronics// 2023 Electronica South China in Progress

On 11th July, the three-day 2023 Electronica South China was held at the beginning of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition. Dongnan Electronics has been focusing on switches since 1987, and is committed to providing professional microswitch solutions for our customers. Relevant enterprises are welcome to visit, exchange and negotiate.

The exhibition brings together domestic and foreign high-quality electronic enterprises to join, creating a professional display platform from product design to application landing.

As one of the exhibitors at the show, Dongnan Electronics displayed the latest micro switch products and solutions. Our booth design was simple and generous, attracting the attention of many companies. The wide range of microswitch products displayed at the booth included switches of various specifications, sizes and functions to meet the needs of different customers.

Our products have obtained USA UL certification, Canada CUL certification, Germany VDE/TUV certification, EU ENEC certification, South Korea KC/KTL certification and China CQC certification, as well as CB certificates and reports; the products are widely used in household electrical appliances, medical equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, automotive parts, new energy charging equipment and other fields, to provide professional microswitch solutions for the majority of users.

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