DONGNAN electronic KW10 small ultra-miniature micro switch with various lever forms

Micro switch series
Action sensitive subminiature switch
Mini-type,big current.Characteristic:small contact gap,quick action,high sensitivity and small operating travel
Long life
A variety of contact terminals
A variety of levers
Widely used in home appliance,audio video device,computer,office automation equipment,communication equipment,etc.

Miniature Micro Switch
KW10 series are miniature micro switches with three circuit types SPDT, SPST-NO, and SPST-NC. Rating: 0.1A~3A, 125/250VAC. Five forms of actuator, no lever, short lever, long lever, middle lever, arc lever, and roller lever. Six options of terminal, solder terminal, PCB terminal, left side PCB terminal, right side PCB terminal, quick-connect terminal, and not standard terminal.

micro switch picture


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