Dongnan Micro Switch// Auto Equipment and New Energy Equipment II

After obtaining the IATF:16949 certification for automotive industry quality system, Dongnan has dedicated itself to the exploration and advancement of micro switches used in auto parts and new energy equipment. Today, our mainly introduce micro switches specifically designed for car ignition devices, seat belts, and car seat control.

The automotive ignition device stands as a crucial component in the process of starting a vehicle, with the micro switch playing a vital role within it. Its primary function is to accurately control and transmit signals throughout the ignition process, guaranteeing a smooth start for the engine.

Seat belts serve as essential safety devices for both drivers and passengers. The micro switch takes charge of regulating the status of the seat belt, ensuring its proper locking and unlocking mechanisms.

The seat is a important component of the car, and the condition of the chair can be managed using a small micro switch, such as modifying the angle of the seats, activating the seat's heating and cooling features, etc. This guarantees that the chair can be customized to meet the requirements of the driver and passengers, delivering a pleasant driving encounter.
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