Classification of Micro Switch

We know that the Micro Switch is used as a very effective detection element for the contact object, and the switch is connected to two lines, which provides power-off control, and is widely used in mice, household appliances, industrial machinery, motorcycles. And other places, the switch is small, but it is an irreplaceable role. Here, you will briefly introduce the classification of Micro Switch.

Here is the content list:
  • The Micro Switch is classified according to detection mode
  • The Micro Switch is classified according to structure

The Micro Switch is classified according to detection mode
The following is to introduce the classification method of the microswitch: three types of reflective, reflective, and mirror reflection, according to the detection method. The density (translucent) of the translucent object can be detected to the male detection distance. The reflective working distance is defined near the intersection of the beam to avoid background effects. The specular reflective reflection distance is far, suitable for remote detection, and a transparent or translucent object can also be detected.
The Micro Switch is classified according to structure

The photoelectric switch can be divided into an amplifier separation type, amplifier internal and power supply hidden three types. The first category: The amplifier separation is to separate the amplifier and the sensor, and is made of a dedicated integrated circuit and a hybrid mounting process. Since the sensor has the characteristics of ultra-small and multi-varieties, the amplifier has more functions. Therefore, this type uses a terminal block connection method and can be used, and the DC power is universal. With both switching and disconnecting, it can be set, and the sound Micro Switch can control 6 output states and two outputs of contacts and levels.
Second Class II: The amplifier's internal type is to make the amplifier and sense, using a dedicated integrated circuit and surface mounting process to use DC power supply. Its response speed situation (two types of 0.1 ms and 1 ms) can detect a small and high-speed object. Changing the power polarity can be converted, dark, and can set the self-diagnosis stabilization workspace indicator. There are two output methods of voltage and current to prevent mutual interference, which is very convenient in system installation.

Third category: The power housing type is integrated with the amplifier, the sensor, and the power supply, and is made of a dedicated integrated circuit and surface mounting process. It generally uses AC power supplies for replacing contact stroke switches in the production site, which can be used directly in power control circuits. You can also set your own self-diagnostic stable workspace indicator. The output is ready for SSR solid state relay or relay, often reversal can prevent mutual interference, and can be tightly installed in the system.

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