Application and Structural Analysis of Rotary Switch

Rotary Switches are almost ubiquitous in our lives, and they have a wide range of applications. It is often seen in electronic devices, kitchens, and hygiene products. A faucet switch is a basic example, which controls the size with a Rotary Switch. Next, let us understand the application and structural analysis of Rotary Switches to increase people's understanding of Rotary Switches. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:
  • Application of Rotary Switch.
  • Structural analysis of Rotary Switches.

Application of Rotary Switch.
Rotary Switches are widely used, but their rotating area also has certain limitations, mainly due to the role of resistance value in the conversion of contact switches. The classic is the traditional black and white TV that people remember from childhood, and the volume adjustment is realized by a Rotary Switch. The gear control of the electric fan is also a Rotary Switch that can adjust different levels of wind speed. Most of the indicator keys of washing and dehydration in the washing machine are also controlled by Rotary Switches.

Structural analysis of Rotary Switches.
Rotary Switches have many uses on their own and can also replace some rotary pulse generators. The interior of the Rotary Switch is similar to a traditional incremental encoder, with two quadrature output signals, channel A and channel B, which can be directly connected to the encoder's processor chip. The appearance of the switch is cylindrical, surrounding the distribution of "in-cylinder" extension terminals that are extensions of the "in-cylinder" static contacts that are evenly distributed "in-the-cylinder" with each layer isolated from each other. In the composition of the Rotary Switch, the rotary shaft is composed of a rotary handle whose bottom passes through the upper cover, and the switch assembly is composed of the bottom plate and the upper cover is clamped and fixed. When in use, it can be rotated 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 360 degrees. Each time it rotates to a position, the movable contact is connected to a different static contact, and a different state is an output on the external terminal for control.

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