About the installation of power switches

Unlike linear power supplies, switching transistors used in power switches are mostly switched between fully open mode (saturation zone) and fully closed mode (cutoff zone), both of which have low dissipation characteristics. The following will describe the installation of the power switch.

Here is the content:
  • Fixing of the switch
  • Connection to terminals
  • Precautions for soldering

Fixing of the switch
When installing the power switch, the mounting screws should be used with flat washers and spring washers. The spring washer should not be pressed directly on the switch enclosure to avoid damage to the enclosure. In addition, when tightening the screws, excessive torque may cause contact adhesion and switch breakage. Use screws of the appropriate size for the mounting holes of the switch, as too small a screw diameter may cause inconsistencies in the mounting position.
  • Wiring method: Please do not apply tension on the line when wiring.
  • Installation place: Please install the product in a place where it is not likely to be mistaken for the power switch.
  • Maintenance and inspection: Please make sure that it is easy to check and replace when installing.

Connection to terminals
Soldering: When soldering the terminals of the power switch, please keep the temperature of the soldering head below 380°C. If the switch is used with poor soldering, it may cause abnormal heat and burn up. Welding temperature and time are 380℃-3s or less. Long time cooked may lead to softening and melting of the shell, scorching of the wire skin, internal structure changes, etc., causing the power switch characteristics to deteriorate. Please use the standard shape plug sleeve to insert the terminal in a straight direction. If an excessive external force is applied from the lateral or up-and-down direction of the terminal, it may cause deformation of the terminal and breakage of the shell. If you are concerned that the insulation distance cannot be ensured or if there are other metal parts or copper wires nearby, use insulating spacers to ensure the insulation distance.

Precautions for soldering
When soldering by hand, place the terminal horizontally (parallel to the ground), and solder quickly with a soldering iron of suitable capacity and an appropriate amount of solder, and also pay attention to the discharge of the gas evolved from the solder with a ventilation fan. Prevent the soldering iron from touching the body of the power switch, etc., causing the flux to flow into the interior of the switch. If flux gas enters the switch, it may cause poor contact. Do not apply force to the wires and terminals immediately after soldering. When soldering automatically, adjust the amount of solder and do not let the solder soak into the substrate. Flux entering the inside of the power switch may cause poor contact.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce products that meet the standards to ensure the safety of the power supply and the healthy development of the market. Dongnan Electronics Co., Ltd. has conducted several tests on the power switch before leaving the factory, and the quality pass rate is guaranteed. We have been diving into manufacturing switching power supplies for many years. There are already several types of switching power supplies. Welcome to buy our power switch.

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