A detailed explanation of the Micro Switch installation method

The waterproof micro switch is a kind of pressure-promoted quick changeover switch, waterproof micro switch covered with a shell, the external drive rod of a switch because its switch contact spacing is relatively small, so the name micro switch, this time to introduce the specific waterproof micro switch routine maintenance.

Here is the content list:
  • Beware of squeezing
  • Daily moisture-proof and regular maintenance
  • Regular quality inspection

Beware of squeezing
Because of the small size and high sensitivity of the waterproof micro switch, care should be taken not to squeeze it hard during routine maintenance. Because this kind of switch, whether it is the control button on the instrument or simply the button on the huge machine the principle is similar, the sensitivity is very high, if in the use of the waterproof micro switch, using a strong to knock squeeze, or daily preservation of waterproof micro switch by squeezing, will reduce the sensitivity of its induction, and people will also cause production life disgust, in this way, on people's lives are a not small impact.

Daily moisture-proof and regular maintenance
The waterproof micro switch should not only pay attention to the daily use but also the main daily preservation, many large machines in the time of non-use should also pay attention to moisture, to prevent an aging jam.

With the increase of time and years, the material of waterproof micro switch will also be oxidized waterproof membrane becomes somewhat fragile. Therefore, when choosing a waterproof micro switch, you should choose a strong and durable anti-corrosion waterproof silicone pad material, so that in the future, whether in high temperature and dry or humid and cold environment, the waterproof micro switch can maintain good performance waterproof not deformed and not broken, and can maintain the performance for a longer period. Therefore, the waterproof micro switch needs to be checked from time to time for safety in daily use.
Because many switches are internally connected to the entire circuit system or other control systems, it can be said to be a general role, a trigger and move the whole body, so the light touch on the waterproof micro switch needs to be maintained and tested from time to time to prevent quality problems in the production needs of the waterproof micro switch affect the normal production work, resulting in related losses.

Regular quality inspection
The waterproof micro switch testing method is also very simple, observe it press the sense of jarring and responsive degree can be. Many materials of the waterproof micro switch itself have the effect of dust proofing and isolating electricity, which should be carefully maintained during daily use. In the daily maintenance inspection, pay attention to the waterproof micro switch that has not become fragile because of time aging deterioration, sensitivity decline, cracking, and other quality problems. Because the role of the waterproof micro switch is very critical, there should not be quality problems.

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